There is beauty in decay.  My work uses marks of destruction as a creative force to present a lens into the history of an object. Singeing marks vellum in a way that ostensibly juxtaposes the nothingness of complete decay against youthful pure white. Only a fleeting, fragile burn mark separate the two.  The decay of the vellum is not complete when my pen is pulled away, Weathered continues to evolve as charred borders peel, holes tear wider, and parts split.  This continued evolution is intended to mirror decay in nature, the way a tree or organism does not cease to exist at death.  Death may mark the end of controlled influence, but not the absolute end.  A downed tree will continue to acquire marks which enhance its diverse physical texture until it is ultimately reduced beyond recognition.  The frailty of this vellum drawing ensures that it too will ultimately be erased, but this is not to be lamented..